Morinville RCMP among those using new tools to fight rural crime

by Morinville News Staff

The RCMP’s new Police Reporting and Occurrence System (PROS) Data Centre and the Division’s new Call Back Unit, are two tools RCMP have to allow frontline members to dedicate more time conducting patrols and investigations and less time doing paperwork behind the desk.

The Data Centre, now in a pilot phase, allows police officers to input information into the RCMP police database by phone after a call. The information is then input by PROS Data Centre civilian staff.

Before the system was in place, police had to return to the detachment after a call to update their files or update them through a mobile unit in their police vehicle.

“As a member on the frontlines, the PROS Data Centre helps me cut down on paperwork and better respond to my community’s needs,” said Morinville RCMP Constable Lindon Green in a media release Tuesday. “I can spend more time listening to local concerns and conducting self-generated investigations.”

The Call Back Unit, in place since February, is staffed by experienced RCMP members and diverts non-emergency, non-time-sensitive calls to the Call Back Unit instead of frontline members. If further investigation is needed on the ground, the police file will be transferred back to the frontline member for follow-up.

So far, 3,853 calls for service have been diverted to the Call Back Unit, saving frontline officers 9,390 hours. Similarly, the PROS Data Centre Pilot Project has reduced data entry for participating RCMP frontline members from approximately 30 minutes to 3 minutes and 30 seconds, not including travel time.

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