Morinville strongman Scott Wallace looking to place in top 10 in North Carolina

by Stephen Dafoe

Morinville resident Scott Wallace is off to Raleigh North Carolina this week to compete in the World’s Strongest Man Masters taking place Dec. 7 to 9.

Wallace was BC’s strongest man in 2016, finished second in Alberta this summer, and placed 17th out of 20 qualifiers who will compete in Raleigh with another ten who pre-qualified for the event.

“I’m off to North Carolina to compete against 30 of the strongest guys over the age of 40 in the world, Wallace said, adding he feels his chances are good. “Every competition I go into, I always believe I can win. That’s my personality. That’s who I am.”

While respecting the other players on the strongman field and acknowledging some big competition from the UK, US, Russia, Lithuania and elsewhere around the globe, Wallace is expecting to come out in the top one third.

“It’sd big time and I have no delusions of what I’m up against,” he said. “I believe I have a good chance, and my goal going in there is top 10. I want top 10. That’s my goal.

In preparation for the event, Wallace has been actively training with lots of heavy lifts and other specific event training for the competition.

But lifting weights is not the only prep. Wallace is lifting the fork a lot, eating up to 6000 calories per day.

The competition starts on Friday afternoon with a deadlift medley, the first of the six events. Wallace will do four deadlifts on four bars in 90 seconds. Those weights are 585 pounds, 675, 725, and 765.

Saturday goes all day with a wheelbarrow medley, a sandbag toss, and an overhead press medley.

Only the top 10 will compete in Sunday’s wrap up. Those events will include a yoked sandbag carry and Atlas stones.

You will be able to watch Wallace as he competes at Friday’s events start at 4 p.m. Morinville time.

You can follow Scott on Facebook at

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