MPS holds Christmas concert

Above: Some of the Grade 3 in the basement of Fable Gardens Hall getting ready for their performance

by Lucie Roy

Morinville Public School Christmas Fringe was held Tuesday with performances in the gym, classrooms, and Grade Three students at Fable Gardens Hall.

Students in their respective homerooms repeated their performances every 10 minutes to accommodate the parents as they arrived for their allotted time period to see their children in action.

The rotation allowed for maximum enjoyment of all activities as guests went from room to room for the entertainment.

The combined Grade 3 performed No More Cookies for Santa.

The Grade Two class with Mr. Olson Class performed Twelve Days of Christmas and also had a video presentation.

Mrs. Deiwert Grade 4 class performed Funga Alafia, African Poem reading and African art walk.
Mrs. Landry Grade 4 class entertained with “Good Old Hockey Game” and “We will Jingle.”

Grade 3 getting ready backstage.

Getting ready to perform Good Old Hockey Game.

In the audience, Ed Thiel, Larry Dennis. Young Zach Thiel joined them during the 10-minute break.

Twelve Days of Christmas and video presentation.

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