Locals gather to be extra in hockey film

Above: Group photo of some who showed up for Extras in the movie before going in the arena, Wayne Bhnisch, Jack Reader, Clayton Pennell, Joe Sinclair, Riley Moore and Al Huber. Front row, Tim McKort and Julio Mateo.

by Lucie Roy

On Friday morning some Morinville residents got up early to be extras in a movie. The extras were needed as part of the audience in the movie A Very, Merry, Sure Shot Dombrowski Christmas.

Director Tim McKort said the filming today will be hockey action and B roll fans action. The audience images shot today were separate from the main scene and can be added into the final version of the film.

McKort said, “it is going really well. We are half way through and honestly it is one of the best productions I have experienced in my 20 years here. Just been so much fun and so much awesome talent on the set. terrific. We haven’t hit any major snags, some minor ones of course but we’ve been getting through swimmingly thus far, or skatingly.”

McKort said after today they are taking a Christmas break and will still be shooting in January.

Local Julio Mateo is part of the crew and also an actor in the movie.He landed a part in the movie as a a teacher, a semi feature with one line. On Friday he was assisting with audio.

Extras were to add their names to a list which will be added at the end of the movie.

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