Nominations open for Alberta Order of Excellence

The province is inviting Albertans to nominate outstanding citizens, community leaders, and innovators for membership in the Alberta Order of Excellence, an order that could see as many as 10 new inductees this year. […]

Local News

Province reminding drivers to stay safe at intersections

Each month of the year, police, sheriffs and peace officers focus on a different aspect of the Alberta Traffic Safety calendar. January’s focus is on intersection safety.

The Government of Alberta is taking the opportunity to remind Albertans, especially vehicle drivers to use precaution at intersections. […]


New law prohibits teens from artificial tanning

With new artificial tanning legislation coming into effect Jan. 1, Alberta businesses can no longer offer or advertise ultraviolet (UV) artificial tanning services to those under the age of 18. […]


National Column: Starting salary for top CEOs? $2,489 an hour

It’s three minutes to 11 in the a.m., the first working day of the new year. You are about to purchase your second cup of coffee. There you are, standing in line, counting nickels. Perhaps you are contemplating the runaway costs of the seasonal festivities just past. […]