Sheldon Fingler joins Canadian Rental Association executive

Jan. 16, 2019

by Stephen Dafoe

Morinville resident Sheldon Fingler, the owner of Infinite Event Services, has been asked to join the Executive Team for the Canadian Rental Association. Fingler recently took on the position of Chair of the Shared Interest Group for Party and Events within that organization and is now expanding his role with the national body.

The Canadian Rental Association has members that rent everything from heavy construction equipment to party and event rental materials. Fingler’s role as Chair of the Shared Interest Group for Party Rentals oversees those across the country to help them better the member businesses in particular and the industry in general.

This past November, Fingler was asked to attend the national broader organization’s organizational meeting.

“Apparently through the meeting, I provided some insight and information that lead to them asking me to join them on the executive team,” Fingler explained, adding that he will now serve to manage the shared interest group as chair but also as part of a team that oversees the running of the organization as a whole. “It’s a humbling thing to be asked because there are so many people across Canada that are part of the association. It’s only a limited number of people that serve on the executive.”

Fingler sees the invite as an opportunity to get further involved in his industry and to serve those who work in it.

“I always want to give back. I look at this as a way of giving back to the industry. For me, this is just another way to give back,” he said, adding the current president’s goal is to bring people on to the executive that are seen as leaders in the industry, capable of leading the organization. “It is very humbling that they saw that potential in me through having just sat with them at the organizational meetings.”

Fingler is expecting the position will take him about 10 hours a week. It is something he is looking forward to, particularly in the area of policy development.

“When I get involved, I like to give extra,” he said. “It is also something I’m passionate about.”

Fingler has been DJing since he was 14. The rental business began about 15 years ago, long before he even knew about the Canadian Rental Association.

“It was the one thing, that when I did become a member, it grew my business and helped me in business in a lot of different ways immensely because it gave me insight as to what other people were doing. It gave me connections to other businesses and other people. I’ve developed great friendships and relationships. I’ve got people I can call at any point in any city for support,” he said. “That has made a huge difference, and I think that is part of the reason why I want to give back on the national scale.”

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  1. I am not surprised …. Sheldon is a dedicated business person and always accepts a challenge.
    Such a great leader in the community both abroad and at home !!!

  2. Good for you Sheldon. It’s inspiring to see such growth. You’ll do a great job.

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