Morinville resident’s family research leads to a surprise

Jan. 17, 2019

by Lucie Roy

Next time you hold a ski pole grip think of this Canadian with family roots in Morinville.
Researching family history can prove quite interesting.

Ada Socholotuik found this to be very true when she was doing research and visited family members for more info.

She said her Aunt had this picture of her grandfather, Floyd Johnston, and also the original copy of a Certificate for Excellence of Design he received from the National Industrial Design Council in 1957.

The Certificate reads,”In recognition of excellence of design in a Canadian manufactured product, this Certificate is awarded by the National Industrial Design Council on the recommendation of a Jury, representative of Design, Manufacture and Marketing, awarded to F. Johnston for Ski Pole Grips and signed by the Executive of the NIDC March 1957.

Socholotuik also has a copy of the newspaper he was featured in.

The paper indicates that having a natural gift in mathematics and ability acquired in the machine and tool shop of his father, the late James Johnston of Paul Street in Picton, Floyd A. Johnston has received recognition of Excellence of Industrial Design in the 1957 Design Awards.

As a student of Picton Public School and Picton Collegiate Institute Floyd Johnston was considered a genius at mathematics. design and mechanical apparatus.

The photo shows Johnston receiving the award at the National Gallery of Canada, presented by Hon. Brooke Claxton.

Socholotuik said the write up about her grandfather is really wonderful.

She said this is cool and trying to discover everything all at once and you can’t do it all that way, it has to be slow.

With a phone call to the National Gallery of Canada the lady said an Exhibition did travel in Canada in 1957 which featured the Canadian Manufacturers’ Association Annual Conference in Toronto.

The gallery does hold a few images from The Sixth Annual National Industrial Design Council of Canada Design Awards Competition 1957.

At time of printing, the Archivist returned our calls for further info but indicated due to illness was not at work at this time.

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