Morinville Council receives presentation on future new RCMP Detachment

Jan. 18, 2019

by Colin Smith

Morinville Town Council got a look at what would be involved in building a new RCMP detachment building at its January 15 meeting.

Inspector Shane Ramteemal of the RCMP “K” Division Operational Strategy Branch was on hand at the meeting to provide Council with an outline of the requirements and process for construction of a detachment building.

Municipalities served by RCMP detachments are required to provide a facility for them that meets standards established by legislation and the force itself.

According to Mayor Barry Turner the building that currently houses Morinville detachment is seeing increased use and is in need of expansion or replacement, with a new detachment building having been included in Council’s long-range capital plan.

“Over the last few years, Council has met annually with “K” Division representatives to discuss the approaching need for a new detachment building,” he said.

Turner said the RCMP presentation was important because it enabled Council to learn what the process is, and how long it may take to complete the project. The presentation was received for information.

“Next, Council will need to make a decision on if/when to move forward, as well as finding ways to fund the project, inclusive of available federal or provincial grant programs,” said Turner.

There will also be an analysis of the potential capital cost recovery rate available to help cover the construction costs of the facility.

According to the RCMP presentation, a municipality must give the force 12 months notice once it has decided to build a new detachment. The project is expected to take 36 to 48 months, with the Operations Security Branch being the primary RCMP project contact.

Once the land is selected for the detachment-the location must be on a highway and not in a residential area-project implementation, initiation, design and construction take place with regular RCMP consultation and monitoring.

The project is expected to take 36 to 48 months.

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