MCHS teacher Neil Korotash will run in the spring election as the Alberta Party candidate

Jan. 21, 2019

by Morinville News Staff

Morinville-St. Albert Alberta Party members gathered at the Sturgeon Valley Golf Club Sunday afternoon to learn a bit about the party and to vote for one of two candidates, both local educators.

Running for the party nod was MCHS teacher Neil Korotash and former Morinville Public School Principal Wayne Ruffiange.

Korotash was selected by the membership as the Alberta Party candidate for Morinville-St. Albert in the upcoming provincial election.

“I’m very thankful for everyone who turned out to support my nomination,” Korotash said. “It is nice to see so much enthusiasm for the Alberta Party and I look forward to giving the resident of Morinville St. Albert a positive centrist alternative in the next election.”

Korotash will run against UCP candidate Dale Nally, who was selected by his party in November, and NDP candidate Shawna Gawreluck, who was selected Jan.10.

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    • Wendy Rudiger oh bs.
      Where do people come up with this idea? Under conservative rule Alberta teachers salary is amongst the highest in North America.
      Do tell how “teachers won’t have any jobs…”

    • Fred William Glaubitz From previous experience!! Every single time theres a BUST teachers and nurses are the FIRST thing cut. Not the private golf club memberships PC get on Public Boards! Smack Your Head sounds right!??

    • I can’t speak to what the UCP will or won’t do, but no I’m not particularly worried about them cutting teaching jobs. The jobs I AM worried about are those who work in the oil and gas sector and supporting industries. There are people and families hurting right now and we all need to be doing everything we can to get our resources to market.

    • wow you people think that the day after the election everyone will be back to work oil will climb and all will be great again good luck with that

    • Richard Brochu Nope, don’t think that at all and didn’t say anything close to that. It will not happen overnight. It will take time and it is up to voters to choose the party that they think will be most successful.

    • Lucinda Luchia any teacher who votes for UCP should be the 1st to put up their hands for when layoffs come. Hopefully the AP will share their plan regarding education funding soon.

  1. Idiots…..go back to school!! It was this kind of ignorant thinking that got the NDP in to begin with!! Get the NDP out then we can worry about what happens next!! Right now all you idiots are going to do is divide the vote again and when this gentleman or Kenney doesn’t get in then we are all back in the same boat……unreal!!

  2. As much as I appreciate Mr. Korotash I can’t and won’t allow my vote to be split and risk another NDP government.

    I’m not fond of Kenney, never thought his policies worked well either. Unfortunately they hold the greatest chance of winning.

    • Hi Fred, thanks for the personal vote of confidence even if you aren’t keen on supporting the Alberta Party. It’s interesting – I am hearing about vote splitting often. Only sometimes people are concerned about us splitting the right and sometimes people are concerned about us splitting the left. I guess that’s what a centrist party does! To be honest, it’s one of the many reasons I’m running and believe in the Party. I think a bipartisan system would be harmful for Alberta. In jurisdictions where there are only two parties (think USA), politics have become so divisive and it pits people against one another. It becomes harder to acknowledge good ideas and to have reasonable, rational political discourse. I believe Alberta needs a moderate centrist alternative.

    • Neil Korotash This may be true….however right now that sounds like the Wild rose and PC conundrum all over again……how do you plan to stop the vote from being split and the NDP getting back in through their two most favorite words in the english language…… as Homer so eloquently quoted!! ” De-fault “

    • Angus MacIntyre I’m thinking Kenney and Crew are going to implode with scandals ( they kinda are a mess) and that Albertans will leave them to support the AP.

    • Neil Korotash please stick with those ideas. Most young people i know on the fence have this issue.
      NDP has done a lot but not enough for the economy, and the UCP is following the footsteps of the Republican party in the states. (Which is no longer an ethical party that supports the working poor/middle class and is more concerned about trashing the left wing ideas and putting money back in the pockets of the rich.)
      Please bring some light back to politics.

  3. Congratulations Neil! You are a fantastic teacher and I applaud you for throwing your name into the crazy political ring again. You must have strong shoulders to take on public political life. I am torn as I would love to have you at MCHS to teach my son when he hits high school next year. I know you are an extremely hard working and well thought out human being and I am excited to see what you can do in our riding.

    • I’ll keep an eye on this for sure. If the party has a solid platform based on real issues and solutions instead of just trashing the other parties running, I’ll be more likely to vote.
      Less of what “the NDP” did wrong and more about how the Alberta Party will do right.
      Lol in biology though he seemed to be a rational human being I can respect.

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