Rivière Qui Barre Family Hockey Tournament finishes 27th year

Jan. 21, 2019

by Lucie Roy

The 27th Annual Rivière Qui Barre Family Hockey Tournament took place 18-20 January at the Riviere Qui Barre Recreation Centre.

The eight teams competing for the trophy included Bokenfohr, Boddez, Kluthe, Kieser, McKief, Sheehan/Fitzgerald, Soetaert and Perrott.

The finals were held Sunday afternoon with young Kaitlyn Kinsella singing O Canada at the Opening Ceremony.

The A finals was Bokenfohr versus Soetaert with Bokenfohr winners of the Family Hockey Tournament. The Bokenfohr team also won last year.

The B finals winners was Perrott versus Kieser with Perrott winning the title.
The Darrell Sheehan Memorial Trophy, presented annually to the Most Sportsmanlike Player was presented to Ben VanDeVliert.

The event also included numerous kids activities.

A team trophy winners the Bokenfohr Team.

The Perrott team.

The Soetaert Team.

The Kluthe Team

The Sheehan/Fitzgerald Team

The McKief Team.

The Kieser Team.

The Boddez team.

Presentation of the Darrell Sheehan Memorial Trophy. The recipient is Ben VanDeVliert.

Ben VanDeVliert with the Darrell Sheehan Memorial Trophy.

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  1. Kieser team was in the D final, I beleive the McKief team played against the Perrotts.

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