Editorial: Come post your events for free

Jan. 22, 2019

When we decided to continue MorinvilleNews.com this year, we also decided to expand our role and responsibility as a provider of community information.

MorinvilleNews.com continues to provide local and area news daily and is joined by MorinvilleNews.tv which provides a dedicated home for our growing number of news videos and segments like The Morinville Community Library’s weekly Book Bites segment. Both of those sources are shared on our Facebook page as well.

But one new site lets our non-profit groups get their events out at no cost.

MorinvilleOnline.com is our new – as of Jan. 1 – dedicated community events calendar. You just have to go there and add your event.

It is also a place where we can all go to see what is happening in town in one spot. Events can be synced with your smartphone using the iCal button.

We are thankful to Morinville DQ for being our co-sponsor of MorinvilleOnline.com It is the support of companies like DQ whose advertising and segment sponsorship make it possible for us to provide news on a daily basis as well as expanding our role to help bring the community together. Pop by for a burger or some ice cream and thank them for supporting community.

MorinvilleOnline.com is here for the community at no cost to non-profits running non-profit events.

The online calendar is set to calendar view, but you can select list view to see specific events.

We hope that you will take advantage of the online calendar site and we also hope that you will support the many organizations that are providing events and activities for us all to enjoy.

As a closing note, all three of our websites are accessible from one another either in our OTHER SITES menu option or by clicking latest news, videos, and event calendar on the sites themselves.


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  1. Those that possess leadership skills are blessed. However, unless those skills are shared with others, only you know that you possess them. I’m grateful that
    And Dairy Queen have partnered to bring us this service.

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