Christian School presenting a theatrical mystery

by Stephen Dafoe

The story of the Good Samaritan takes a mysterious twist next month in the Father’s House Christian School’s (MCS) performance of A Not So Terrible Parable. The 40-minute play will be performed at Fable Gardens Hall at 1:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. Friday, March 14.

Next month’s performance is a follow up on last year’s The Prodigal Clown, a performance that saw the school’s students take on many roles in retelling the story of the Prodigal Son with a circus twist.

MCS teacher and play director Holly Sandmaier said the play is a whodunnit mystery that takes place in an old hotel with the student actors trying to figure out what the mystery is all about.

Sandmaier and her cast began rehearsing the play last October once a week in drama class but have recently ramped up the rehearsals to daily in preparation for the show in a few weeks.

“The kids are so excited,” she said. “Learning all the dances and all the songs has taken a lot of time. I love the energy they put into all of that.”

Sandmaier said last year’s production of the Prodigal Clown has prepared students well for the work required to put on a big production.

“I love seeing what it does for kids who maybe their passion isn’t academics or sports,” Sandmaier said. “They really get to shine. Also, I love to be able to reach out to the community with the arts and to be able to express the love of God through an art form.

“We are inviting everybody. The kids have tickets. They are inviting their friends, their family. We just want to fill the place up and just like last year and reach as many people as we can.”

Tickets for the play are $5 per person and available at Morinville Christian School and The Father’s House Church Mar. 3 and 10. A Concession will be available at both shows.

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  1. Last years production was great ,as I’m sure this years will be also.
    But Is it necessary to put advertising right in the middle of the Billboard?
    You do not even get the name of the play !!
    It is very disappointing you cannot read an article without an AD forced in your
    face every few lines !!!

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