Town and County continue with ICF discussions

closed session

by Morinville News Staff

Sturgeon County and Morinville’s Intermunicipal Collaborative Framework teams met Feb. 20, continuing their discussions to better deliver services between the two municipalities.

The meetings are required under the Modernized Municipal Government Act, which requires municipalities bordering on one another to have agreements in place that provides for the integrated and strategic planning, delivery and funding of inter-municipal services, including water and wastewater, solid waste, transportation, recreation and emergency services.

In a joint press release, the Town and County say the meeting “focused on identifying and prioritizing current programs and services, provided by each municipality, that could lead to potentially improved service delivery through the Inter-municipal Collaboration Framework (ICF).”

The two municipalities will focus future discussions on the list of services to develop cost-effective and mutually beneficial services for residents the two communities. They will also look at services that could be of benefit to other municipalities in the sub-region of Sturgeon County.

“Today was an important step in building consensus and prioritizing which services will be examined in greater detail to the benefit of our residents,” said Morinville Mayor Barry Turner in the release.

Sturgeon County Mayor Alanna Hnatiw agreed.

“It is important that we continue to work closely together to better understand our respective positions and that our shared commitment will provide lasting benefits to the residents of Sturgeon County and the Town of Morinville,” she said.

Morinville is represented by Mayor Barry Turner and Councillors Nicole Boutestein and Stephen Dafoe. Sturgeon County is represented by Mayor Alanna Hnatiw and Councillor Karen Shaw and Deputy Mayor Patrick D. Tighe.

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