Morinville ATB moving to a larger location

Work is underway to put the finishing touches on ATB’s new Morinville location.

by Stephen Dafoe

Later this month, the Morinville ATB branch will move from its 10006 103 Street location to its new location in the Westwinds development on 100 Street next to Legendary Liquor. ATB will open at the new location Mar. 18.

It was just over a year ago that franchise owner Alicia Sero and her husband Shane took over the branch after Sero had worked there for almost 12 years. A year earlier, the local business took Small Business of the Year at the Annual Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala.

Alica Sero stands outside the currentlocation.

The current ATB location can provide all the services a branch can, transactions, US cash, certified cheques, as well as loans, lines of credit, and business, personal and agricultural loans, and investments. ATB also has MasterCard in US and Canadian currency.

“The motivation behind the move is to get a 24/7 ATM access for our clients in Morinville,” Sero said. “They don’t have anywhere to go when they want to do a withdrawal. They either drive to St. Albert, or they pay a fee. That’s one of the main motivations.”

Beyond the convenience of 24-hour banking, Sero said the branch would expand from 300 square feet to more than 1000, allowing them to offer a sitting area for clients and all of the services a larger office has.

“When we move over there we will be able to offer more services in house. We won’t have to have other employees from St. Albert come in to meet with our clients,” Sero said. “We can do anything from any lending, investing, business accounts, personal accounts. It’s about being able to serve all of our Morinville clients in the Morinville branch without having to bring anyone in.”

BP new

Sero said there are many things people do not know about ATB.

“We’re trying to do stuff that other banks won’t do. We’re listening to our clients and making banking work for them,” she said. “[We offer] free business banking for start-up companies every year. If you register your business in the current year, there is no fee account and other perks to help new business.”

Sero went on to say ATB offers tiered business banking fees, which means some home-based business could pay as little as $5 per month in fees. They also offer the Freedom Account, a no-fee account for anyone over 59, and the Generation Accounts, a no-fee account for anyone under 19.

ATB offer a couple of special branches in Edmonton: the four directions branch opened in Edmonton for the homeless, and another specialty office opened in Edmonton for the Arts, that Sero said helps musicians and artists get financing where most places wouldn’t help them.

The Morinville Branch will close its 103 Street location on Mar. 15 to the move, reopening on Mar. 18 in the new spot.

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