Math and whipped cream mix to assist food bank

Students got to hurl pies at their teachers and school staff in exchange for a twoonie donation to the Food Bank. – Lucie Roy Photos

by Lucie Roy

Ecole Georges H. Primeau Middle School held their 3rd Annual Pi Day event on Thursday.

Assembled in the gym all were able to watch the YouTube Pi song, learn a quick history on Pi and then throw pie.
Two students were called to the centre stage area to recite 192 digits of Pi they had memorized.

A few other students were mentioned and a Grade 5 that went up recited more than 15 digits.

The event was also a fundraiser for the Morinville Food Bank.

Students who donated a twoonie had the opportunity of throwing a Styrofoam plate filled with whipped cream at a teacher, Admin or support staff.

Primeau Teacher Peggy Dugan said there were 261 pies purchased with $532. raised.

All the proceeds were donated to the Morinville Food Bank.

Pi is held on March 14 in honour of 3.14, the measurement calculating the ration of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

The number itself is rounded up to 3.14 but it can go on forever.

The day is more than just math, people celebrate by bringing out pies and some retailers have their best Pi Day deals.

The day also marks the birthday of famed physicist Albert Einstein.

Ava Jensen holding the Pi chart, Vice- Principal Mes. Cara Mazur and teacher Peggy Dugan.

Kacie Lush reciting 192 digits of Pi she memorized., Vice-Principal Cara Mazur, Ava Jensen following along with the pointer and Principal Allan Menduk.

Principal Allan Menduk receiving a whipped cream pie.

Six stations set up for the Teachers, Adm and support staff. Students lined up with their tickets at the throwing stations.

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