Community Champions: At the Museum

photos by Lucie Roy

On Friday there was some excitement to see the new art being displayed at the Musee Morinville Museum.

The featured artwork for the next few months at the museum is by artist Sarah Hall.

Two volunteers were busy in the workroom accessioning a few items donated to the museum.

Paulette Houle was doing the paperwork on the Waltham pocket watch with chain and nugget.

Jeannette Bachand was working on the Sable Hat from Russia.

Musee Morinville Museum Operations Attendant Donna Garrett said a new exhibit is on display for the season.

Donated by Lillian Boddez it is a collection of dolls created by artist Phil Tumminio, titled “From This Day Forward.”

It features four bride dolls who hand down the same bridal gown through four generations, each bride tailoring the dress to be fashionable for her own time.

The dolls on display are Elizabeth 1900s, Betty 1930s, Beth 1960s and Lisa 1990s.

A 1946 calendar from Morinville J. H. Perras Service Garage is hanging on the wall in the workroom.

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