Book Bites – Library undertaking plan of service

by Stephen Dafoe

The Morinville Community Library has started its Plan of Service, a requirement under provincial legislation. The Plan of Service will outline the mission statement, goals and objectives of the Morinville Community Library over the next one to five years.

Board Chair Jennifer Anheliger said the Plan of Service work will let the library see its accomplishments as well as identify areas of improvement.

“The most important part of our plan, however, is going to be the input we receive from members of our community,” Anheliger said. “Our goal is for our plan of service to be a collaborative work between board, staff and community members all coming together to create something new.”

Work on the plan has begun at the board and staff levels and will now move forward with community consultations.

Part of that work will be a needs assessment where board and staff members will reach out to the community through surveys or invitations to a focus group on library services.

“It is important that we receive input from users and non-users so that we can make sure to create a full comprehensive plan that encompasses all the needs within our community,” Anheliger said. “We feel that everyone who walks into Morinville Community Library should feel like it is a personal space for them. Everybody should have the opportunity to see themselves reflected in the space, the programs, and the services that we deliver.”

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