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Highway 642 should be converted to a 36-hole mini golf course, lobby group says

golf ball hole on a field

by Morinville News Staff

After giving up any hope of having the potholes and chip seal project on 100 Avenue repaired, a group of Morinville residents have petitioned the Government of Alberta to convert the roadway to a 36-hole mini golf course that they say will spur tourism in the area.

Calling themselves Sons Of Sanity, the turf-vested mini-golf aficionados held a rally in the vacant field next to Aspen House on Sunday, gathering a small audience consisting of one reporter and a couple walking a basset hound to hear their plight.

“The way we figure it, the government’s never gonna fill all the holes on the road, so we already got the holes to putt into,” said Raymond Divot, adding that he felt all of the chip seal that let loose over the winter could serve as sandtraps for the course.

When asked where people would drive if the province was to take his group up on the idea, Divot said the course would not be open 24 hours a day, largely because of the inability to play mini golf in the dark. But he realizes halting traffic half the day is not likely to fly.

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“If we can’t close the road for part of the day, maybe we could have one lane for driving cars and one lane for driving golf balls,” Divot said. “Sure, there’d be a few cracked windshields, but that’s what we got now with all the gravel.”

With a provincial election in full swing and voters heading to the polls Apr. 16, it is too soon to see if the Sons of Sanity’s idea is a gimme or deep in the rough with the next government.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Annual April Fools Day article.

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  1. BUILD THE POOL TOO… !!! Lol!!!!April fools a day to dream , can’t believe that money was ever spent on doing that to perfectly good road in the first place , thanks for letting me vent…

  2. It would be funny, if it wasnt so infuriating that our taxmoney being thrown at incompetent roadworks companies… I have seen many sites needing repairs because they weren’t done properly the first time – how’s that for efficiency?

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