Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association picks poster contest winners

1st Place SRCWA Canyon Doehring from legal school, 2nd place SRCWA Brooklyn Baril – Citadel School, Lisa Magera – main Citadel School and 3rd place SRCWA Chloe Magera – school Citadel. Absent School Citadel Daynia of Champlain, 3rd place SRCWA. – Lucie Roy Photos

by Lucie Roy

Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association (SRCWA) held their 2019 Poster Contest Awards Night on Monday at the Namao Hall.

There were 27 winners and presentations for first, second and third place winners from Grade 1 to Grade 9.

Above: First place SRCWA and First place APRCWA Clare Hickson of Namao School.

There were three Provincial winners. This included Claire Hickson of Namao School who placed first at SRCWA and also first at Alberta Provincial Crime Watch Association (APCWA).

Two students placed first at SRCWA and second at the provincial level, Clare Rollerston of Ecole Georges H. Primeau and Maysen Wedman of Morinville Community High School.

Poster contest coordinators included Dolly Bolen, Carol Okerman, Margaret Romanowski and Berni Buyse who received a round of applause for their hard work and dedication to the Poster Contest.

Canyon Doehring Legal School First place SRCWA.

Ecole Georges H. Primeau Clare Rollerston, First place SRCWA and third place APRCWA.

Second place SRCWA Tyler Swanson Ecole Georges H. Primeau.

Morinville Community High School First Place SRCWA and second place APRCWA Maysen Wedman.

Second Place SRCWA Morinville Community High School Leia Brown.

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