Aspen celebrates its volunteers

Volunteers Pastor Lewis Hauer Alliance Church, Rayne Oliver, Father Trini Panca, Pastor St Jean Baptiste Parish, Roy Beniston, Jean Storey,Ryan Bernhardt/Smith, seated Rachel Bulger and Rita Hebert.

by Lucie Roy

Aspen held their Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon on Tuesday to celebrate the volunteers of Aspen House and Aspen Villa.

In her presentation, Aspen House Recreation Therapist Leeza Shymka thanked everyone who gave of their time.

“Our number of volunteers has steadily risen over the past year, and we are now over 30 volunteers strong at Aspen House/Villa,” Shymka said. “Some of our volunteers come several times a week, some come once a month and some help out for seasonal events. We have volunteers that help us in Recreation programs from bringing residents to and from the many activities to leading programs themselves. It is volunteers that come in to make our beloved bingo games happen. We have volunteers who lead in spiritual worship and help us gain great strength. We have volunteers who share their personal talents with us, whether that be music, entertainment or intellectual stimulation. We even have volunteers that help decorate our home for Christmas.”

The theme this year was focused around puzzles. There are many jigsaw puzzles on the go around Aspen for the residents to work on.

Shymka said, ” I like to compare our volunteers to these jigsaw puzzles on the go. Each of you is a piece of the Aspen House puzzle. Our days would not be as fulfilled or possibly run as smoothly without our volunteers. Each piece helps to set in place other important pieces.”
Speaking on behalf of the residents of Aspen House and Villa was Susan Simmons.

Simmons said, “Aspen House is like a jigsaw puzzle; a single missing piece leaves it unfinished. Without any of you, we would not be complete. Your ideas and insights are things only you can contribute, and your unique skills, talents and strengths are a perfect fit with us. And like a puzzle we are more than the sum of our parts. As you fill your individual roles, you make up the big picture. Because of you make living at Aspen House a remarkable place. Each dedicated volunteer helps to add value to our day and makes us feel special. Thank you”

Volunteers received a puzzle key chain for being a piece of their lives at Aspen and a coffee card.

Volunteer Rosie Badura and resident Lorraine Meunier.

Resident Susan Simmons and Leeza Shymka, Recreation Therapist Aspen House.

Volunteers Rachel Bulger, Rita Hebert and Jean Storey.

Volunteers Pauline Kocsir,Ted and Val Borys and Rosie Badura.

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