Local author launching first young adult novel

story and video by Stephen Dafoe

The doors of the Morinville Community Cultural Centre will be open to the public May 10 at 7 p.m. for the launch of Riley Quinn’s first young adult novel, The Lost Boys.

The free event will include live music as well as an opportunity to buy signed copies of the book.

Lost Boys takes place in the Dark Woods, a mysterious place where boys show up on the river bank with no memory of how they got there.

“They’ll show up every few months to few years,” Quinn explained. “A new boy will show up, and they have no way of telling time – their time there. Sometimes a boy will age fast; sometimes it’ll be extremely slowly. They’re caught ina world of very fluid time.”

Quinn said the occupants of the Dark Woods have no idea why they are there, how they got there or even who they were before they got there. Spending their entire teen years in the woods, they disappear once they reach adulthood.

The world of the Dark Woods is divided up into four rival clans – the Lost Boys only sense of civilization within the woods.

Leonardo, the lead character in the novel is a member of the Raven Clan, his brother, Alexander, the clan’s leader.

Quinn said the book follows Leonardo and his quest to find out why the Lost Boys are in the Dark Woods.

The author, well known in Morinville for his musical talents, has spent the past couple of years putting many of his music projects on hold to focus on a writing career.

“A year or two ago I decided to give it a shot as a full-time profession and paused all the other projects in my life and daily just put time into writing,” Quinn said.

The author decided to self-publish his debut novel because he felt that in today’s publishing world, self-published authors could go through all the same channels, editors, cover designers, printers and distributors as traditional publishing.

“I decided to go that way and have full creative control of the book,” Quinn said. ”

After it’s release, Lost Boys will be available for sale at all Edmonton Area Chapters & Indigo locations, as well as Higher Grounds and Country Floral Magic in Morinville, and Seasons Gift Shop in St. Albert. The eBook version of the book is available at all major online book outlets.

For more details on the book launch event, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/421921635284372??ti=ia

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