#9PMRoutine being promoted by St. Albert RCMP to curb crime

submitted by St. Albert RCMP

St. Albert RCMP are asking everyone to join the #9PMRoutine movement to remove all valuables from their vehicles and to lock all doors at 9 pm each night. These simple actions will help reduce the number of thefts from homes or vehicles in the city – crimes that have historically increased in the spring and summer months.

Property crimes such as thefts of vehicles, break and enters to homes and businesses, and thefts from parked vehicles are still the most common crimes in St. Albert. But stopping these crimes may be as simple as removing items from vehicles and locking home and vehicle doors for some offenders. And since most of these types or crimes happen overnight, developing a # 9 pm Routine of locking up before bed makes perfect sense.

The #9PMRoutine is a campaign that began in Pasco County, Florida and is now used by police agencies across North America to remind citizens to protect themselves and their property.

“Developing a routine of locking up makes crime prevention easy,” says Inspector Pam Robinson, Detachment Commander for St. Albert RCMP. “At 9 p.m., we want everyone to make sure that they have removed any valuables from their vehicles. And then we are asking that everyone double check that their vehicles and their homes are locked up.”

Most thefts are crimes of opportunity which means that the criminal is looking for unlocked vehicles or houses where they can easily steal property. By removing valuables from vehicles and by locking cars and homes, we remove the easy opportunity and most criminals will then move on to easier pickings.

The #9PMRoutine recommends:

Removing valuables from vehicles.

Ensuring vehicles are locked, windows are closed and if possible, parked in a garage.

Closing garage doors and windows.

Locking any person-doors in the garage, including those leading into a house.

Checking that all house doors – front, back, side and garage – are locked.

Ensuring all windows are shut.

Turning on an exterior light.

It’s 9 p.m. Are you locked up and secure for the night?

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