Ernest Chauvet acclaimed Christian Heritage Party candidate

Christian Heritage Party CHP) candidate Ernest Chauvet speaks at the party’s AGM and nomination meeting Friday night.

by Lucie Roy

The Christian Heritage Party (CHP) held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Nomination for the Sturgeon River-Parkland riding on Friday night at the Rendez-Vous Centre.

Ernest Chauvet, who ran for the party in 2015, was the only nominee for the post and was selected CHP candidate by acclamation.

“Ernest is a seasoned candidate and is willing to do it again,” said CHP Leader Rod Taylor. “When we are looking for candidates we have two basic requirements; willingness and integrity, and someone willing to stand and represent the CHP values of Life, Family and Freedom.”

Taylor is from Telkwa, B.C. and was the keynote speaker at the AGM. He Several prospective CHP candidates from the Edmonton area spoke at the meeting, including Dale Lunty, Pam P. Azu, Don Melanson and Christine Armas.

Taylor told attendees and party members that he had just finished the last four policies the party is working on in terms of preparing candidates for the upcoming election. The party has 48 issues they are speaking to, including agriculture, carbon tax, childcare, democratic reform, gun control, healthcare, immigration and Refugees, labour and employment, national defence, terrorism, veterans affairs, and welfare.

“Some people say ‘you are a one issue party’,” Taylor said. “We say, ‘No. Abortion is a one-party issue.’ We are only the only ones willing to talk about it. We do have policies on all the other topics as well.”

Taylor said the party’s platform for the forthcoming election, which he expects to be called mid-September is “Life, Family and Freedom.”

“Life is the First Human Right, and the CHP is the only federal party committed or defending the innocent human life from conception until natural death,” Taylor told attendees Friday night.

“Family is the basic building block of society. Family is also the first government where parents make decisions for the good of their children.”

Taylor went on to speak on freedom of speech and conscience and their importance to democracy.

“Without freedom of speech, we can’t defend any human rights,” he said. “The CHP will defend your right and responsibility to speak the truth.”

Taylor said the CHP would campaign for public safety, safe streets and secure borders, as well as the freedom to grow with energy independence, freedom from foreign oil sources and what he referred to as conflict oil.

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