Town and County continue to meet on funding models

by Colin Smith

Discussions between the Town of Morinville and the County of Sturgeon on an Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework continued last week.

At the April 25 meeting of the joint Intermunicipal Affairs Committee, members of the municipal negotiating teams reviewed the scope of work for a detailed options analysis that is underway.

According to a statement released yesterday, the options analysis is being prepared in a collaborative manner between Morinville and Sturgeon County. Administrations, supported by external experts, is to be considered May 13.

The meetings between the two parties began on January 21.

“We are making progress,” said Mayor Barry Turner. “These meetings demonstrate our genuine commitment to creating plans that will benefit the greater community.”

The meetings help to refine shared priorities and plan next steps, Sturgeon County Mayor Alanna Hnatiw said.

“As we contemplate future growth and the needs of our residents, it’s important that we consider the interests of both municipalities,” she declared.

A meeting of the committee at which the negotiating teams will share information with members of the Town and County councils is scheduled for May 6.

The Modernized Municipal Government Act requires municipalities with common boundaries to create an Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework within a two-year period.

The aim of the framework is to provide for the integrated and strategic planning, delivery and funding of inter-municipal services, use resources efficiently in providing local services, and ensure municipalities contribute funding to services that benefit their residents.

The Morinville negotiating team is made up of Mayor Barry Turner and Councillors Nicole Boutestein and Stephen Dafoe. Sturgeon County is represented by Mayor Alanna Hnatiw, Councillor Karen Shaw and Deputy Mayor Patrick D. Tighe.

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