What’s Cooking: Mushrooms, the trendiest food of 2019

(NC) The popularity of mushrooms is on the rise in 2019 – the delicious fungi are the upcoming food of the year.

Fresh mushrooms, for example, are a perfect choice for low, energy-dense diets due to these three reasons: they have high water content, they are low in fat, and they contain valuable fibre. Mushrooms are a great way to keep meals light and healthy.

Foodies remind us that by adding mushrooms to some of our favourite meals, we instantly lighten the dish by lowering calories, cholesterol and saturated fat.

The technique is easy. In a classic family dish, for example, blend finely chopped, umami-rich mushrooms into a portion of ground meat. Or, mix mushrooms into burger patties for a full-bodied burger that tastes great at a fraction of the calories.

Plus, blending meat and mushrooms together helps bring another serving of vegetables to the plate, adds volume to meals and extends portions. Not only can you slide those veggies past picky eaters, but they’ll also be asking for seconds.

So, get on trend and try the blend-and-extend technique for your next meal. Your family will love the taste and you’ll love the benefits.

Find more fun ways to blend your mushrooms and meat at mushrooms.ca.

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