Community Champions: Morinville Youth Basketball Association

story and video by Stephen Dafoe

Morinville News spoke to Morinville Youth Basketball Association’s (MYBA) new president, Sylvain Roy, at a recent tournament to see what the MYBA is up to this season.

The Association recently held their AGM. Joining Roy is Vice President
Jeremy Smith, Secretary Nicola Hennessey, Treasurer Kim Pleasants, Equipment Manager Jamie Hildebrandt, Information Management Samantha Ringuette, and Registrar Andrea Morrison.

“Last year we had 115 children that were signed up,” Roy said, noting that early in the season the Association has seen substantial numbers out of the gate. As of this writing, there are more than 70 players already registered.

“Our new register program is actually all done online. This is totally different,” Roy explained. “Before it was done by paper, where [now] everything is done on our website – Morinville Youth Basketball Association.”

The move to online is for the convenience of players and their families. Registration and payment are done, and Roy said the website would also make it easy for parents to find out what is happening in the Association.

Roy began coaching with the Association three years ago as an assistant coach. He enjoyed the experience.

“Watching your own child get involved with a game, learning, and making new friends,” he said. “Learning that it’s not just a game; it’s about respect, learning about having fun.”

He encourages parents to get their children involved in the Association’s various teams.

“We all know that a lot of children today have a hard time getting involved. They’re too shy or too nervous. We want to be open-armed to all — not just children, but also the parents to get involved because we’re always looking for volunteers.”

The Association President said the more parents involved volunteering or in the stands, the better the season goes for all concerned.

“To watch a child for the first time getting their first basket. To watch that face as a coach, but then look over to the stands and watch their parents. Their face is just as important. I think that says it all.”

One person who has had that experience of getting their first basket on the court and now offers direction as a coach is Samantha Ringuette who currently serves the role of coach and Information Manager for the Association.

“I played with Morinville Youth Basketball when it was the Morinville Roadrunners a couple of years ago, and I loved playing with the Association and loved playing the games with all of my teammates,” Ringuette said. “I thought of giving back with coaching.”

Giving back through coaching is an experience that has been rewarding for Ringuette.

“I enjoy it. I enjoy seeing the girls grow. I enjoy seeing them have fun at every game and practice. It inspires me to keep coaching.”

As Information Manager, Ringuette has the goal of raising awareness of the league and what it has to offer youth in Morinville through the Association website and social media.

“I’m really hoping to showcase Morinville Basketball in a better view so that everyone in Sturgeon County can see what Morinville Youth Basketball is all about.”

For more information on this season’s plans, watch the full interview above or visit

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