Community Gardens compost fundraiser a success

by Lucie Roy

The Morinville Centennial Community Gardens had Grade A compost for sale at the Ray McDonald Sports Centre over the weekend during the Town Wide Garage Sale and also on Mother’s Day.

The first truckload with 20 cubic yards sold out on Saturday by noon.

Another load was ready for sale Sunday, with the compost already bagged and ready to go.

The 40-pound bags were $10 each, three for $25 or five for $40. They were filled with a nutrient-rich soil called NatureMade Compost.

There are 18 Compost Fundraiser Sale Locations in the Edmonton area this year and this is the first year that Morinville is involved.

Since 2001, Cleanit Greenit Composting System Inc. has helped local schools and non-profit organizations in Edmonton and surrounding areas raise over $500,000 through their Compost Fundraiser Program.

The Morinville Centennial Community Gardens will also hold a work bee for the Champlain Garden May 15 at 6 p.m.

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