Government tables An Act to Repeal the Carbon Tax

by Morinville News Staff

The government has introduced Bill 1, An Act to Repeal the Carbon Tax, a move the UCP says will free up approximately $1.4 billion in taxes, saving the average small business $4,500 a year, and the average household $1,150 per year. Additionally, the government claims scrapping the carbon tax will create 6,000 additional jobs through the savings Alberta businesses would now enjoy.

“Promise made, promise kept,” said Premier Jason Kenney in a media release Wednesday.” We campaigned on scrapping the job-killing carbon tax, and Albertans responded loud and clear. We’re keeping our commitment to eliminate this tax grab to create jobs and put more money back into the pockets of hard-working Albertans.”

Franco Terrazzano, Alberta’s director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation supports the UCP tabling the bill. “The Alberta government is standing for taxpayers by scrapping the carbon tax as Bill 1,” Terrazzano said. “This tax was never voted on, never received public buy-in and hammered Alberta families and businesses during tough economic times. It’s good to see this government scrap the tax that should have never been imposed in the first place.”

If passed, the government says the repeal would come into effect May 30.
Those that received a carbon tax rebate for the period from April 1 to June 30 will not be asked to pay back any of those rebates.

If the province passes Bill 1, the Federal carbon tax will take its place, although how soon the federal government would move to impose it is unknown. The current provincial rate is $30 per tonne Vs the federal rate of $20 a tonne. The latter is scheduled to increase to $30 per tonne next year.

Saskatchewan’s Court of Appeal recently and narrowly upheld the federal carbon tax in a 3-2 vote.

The Conservative Party of Canada has vowed to scrap the tax if it forms the government this fall.

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  1. I will pay the 20 rather the 30 the NDP imposed even if it’s short lived till the fed government raises it but then hey fed election maybe we will have a new government

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