Local schools Pitch-in to clean up the town

Morinville Public School was one of the local schools taking part in Pitch=_n/Operation Clean Sweep on Wednesday.

by Lucie Roy

The Annual Pitch In/Operation Clean Sweep event is the largest environmental improvement campaign in Canada.

The Town of Morinville registered for the clean-up and received the waste and recycling bags to aid in the clean-up program.

On Wednesday, the Town, in conjunction with local schools, businesses and residents once again worked to tidy up our community.

Ecole Georges H. Primeau Middle School, Ecole Notre Dame Elementary School and Morinville Public School were some of the locations where students were out early gathering garbage from the local parks, ditches, pathways and school grounds.

Morinville Public School

Ecole Notre Dame Elementary School

Ecole Notre Dame Elementary School

Ecole Georges H. Primeau Middle School.

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  1. It was great seeing the young children working together to make our town a cleaner place. Now we hope that all residents would do the same and keep the garbage, cigarettes etc off the streets. Thank you children, great job!

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