Loops for the Troops hits 11th year

Start of the Half Marathon with approx 45 participants.

Above: Amanda Race, Fund Development Coordinator MFRC & Capt. Sarah Keller, Volunteer Race Director.

by Lucie Roy

The 11th Annual Loops for the Troops Fun Run & Walk was held Sunday at the Lecture Training Facility (LTF) at CFB Edmonton.

Speaking at the event was Capt Sarah Keller, Volunteer Race Director, LCol Beare, Base Rep for CFB Edmonton, James Thomas, District Manager of Servus Credit Union Retail Services and Padre Poley, Base Padre.

For Karen Samuels, this was her 10th year as the warm-up coach for the event.

Carly MacRae, Administrative Assistant-Reception at MFRC Angela Duckworth, Senior Communications Coordinator at MFRC were two of the many busy volunteers at the LTF.

Participants had a choice of the Half Marathon (Ortona), 10 km (Rhine), 5km (Vimy) or Military Mile.

Inside the LTF were military static displays, Canadian Heroes Memorial and option to purchase pins, stickers, hats and other items.

LCol Beare, Base Rep for CFB Edmonton & Capt. Sarah Keller.

Capt Sarah Keller & Padre Poley- Base Padre.

Canadian Heroes Memorial Vehicle.

Canadian Heroes with pic of those who lost their lives in Afghanistan

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