Alberta RCMP introduces new Crime Prevention Calendar

by Morinville News Staff

Alberta RCMP introduced their new developed Crime Prevention Calendar Tuesday, which will be used for education and public outreach across Alberta.

Like the province’s Traffic Safety Calendar, the Crime Prevention Calendar will provide monthly themes throughout the year.

The RCMP say a combination of statistics, seasonality and public perception of issues were used to choose the monthly themes.

June’s theme is the safe storage of off-highway vehicles tips to protect them.

Calendar tips include:

· Turn on outside lights at night
· Install a timer for lights
· Don’t leave keys in vehicles
· Park recreational vehicles in locked garages or sheds
· If you can’t park indoors, park recreational vehicles in sight and chained to something
· Install surveillance cameras
· Engrave items with your name or a serial number
· Keep a detailed list of property including photos and serial numbers
· Follow a nightly checklist to ensure everything is locked up

July’s theme is addressing theft from yards and items left outside in the summer. August’s theme is vehicle thefts and thefts from vehicles.

The complete calendar can be found atéduction-de-la-criminalité/crime-prevention-calendar.htm.

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