Summer Band Camp allows musicians to groove together

by Stephen Dafoe

Local music students will have an opportunity for a little different experience than they get from their weekly one-on-one music lessons this summer when Smith Music launches its Summer Band Camps. Students will have a chance to learn new songs alongside new musicians.

The first of two Summer Band Camps at Smith Music runs July 15-19 and the second for the summer will run July 22-26.

Both camps will put students together to learn a dozen songs from Monday to Thursday and to put those tunes in front of two audiences on Friday afternoon and Friday evening.

“This is not a traditional camp,” said Smith Music owner Paul Smith. “This is a go, work hard, and really learn about music from a musician’s perspective. This is about learning a dozen or more songs and performing them in a concert at the end of the week. This is a musical boot camp, and the kids really seem to enjoy knuckling down and working hard.”

Although many of this summer’s potential band camp members will have played live at the school’s year-end concerts this June, Smith says the band camp experience is different.

“When we do the Smith Music year-end concerts, it’s hosted by teachers and the teachers are playing along,” he said. “With this [band camp], they are hosting it, and I run sound. They are the band. They choose a bandleader to host and emcee, so it is really them being in charge.”

For more information on this year’s Band Camps, contact Smith Music at 780-862-0340.

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