Town elaborates on lack of fireworks on Canada Day

by Colin Smith

The Town of Morinville has opted for no fireworks on Canada Day because it doesn’t have an optimal place in which to set them off.

The Town announced on June 14 that the popular fireworks display had been cancelled because it was unable to come up with a safe and secure site that complied with federal regulations, as well as providing adequate viewing space and “addressing community concerns.”

In a response to questions from Morinville News, Culture and Events Coordinator Ryan Telfer stated that cost was not a factor in the cancellation of the fireworks.

“It is about safety,” he said. “The fireworks budget, as with Lite Up the Nite last year, has been redirected to other activities.”

Telfer said that fireworks displays are regulated by National Resources Canada, which has specific distance requirements for firing zones and safe zones for spectating based on the size of fireworks being set off.

“The MPS [Morinville Public School] and Arena sites limited the size of firework being used,” he said. “They were also in close proximity to residential structures, which is not ideal.
Another complicating factor is that Alberta Transportation stipulates that the firing site not be visible from Highway 2 as it has the potential to cause distraction and a collision.

“It is also important to have plenty of viewing space that is easily accessible and in a safe distance from the firing zone,” Telfer said. “Sites that meet these requirements are difficult to find in Town as it sits. As it continues to grow, more options for sites should become available.”

Using Cardiff Park was considered but Canada Day organizers wanted to keep the site where the festivities are held walkable and viewable for Town residents, he added.

Canada Day activities on July 1 will be held in St. Jean Baptiste Park. Highlights will include a mobile escape room trailer and live music courtesy of Smith Music and the ETS Pipe & Drum Band.

The complete listing of Canada Day events can be found at

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  1. Yeah fireworks are fun, exciting and pretty, but its not the end of the world without them! Thanks for elaborating, makes total sense! One of my pups actually thanks you for not having them hehe.

  2. They’ve had them for years without issues. Sorry not sorry it may just be “fireworks” to you but it’s tradition in a small town. I’m so glad I’m not gonna be here. I’d go to calahoo anyways. How sad our town has become

  3. Hmmm. After having them for years without issues, I smell a rat. Have the federal regulations changed lately? It may be “just fireworks,” but it’s pretty sad without them.

  4. The base will have fireworks, and a much grander set up for the kids during the day- bouncy castles, face painting, petting zoo etc. Sounds better than gluten free cake to me 🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. I can understand them wanting to take extra precaution. I’m sure insurance for fireworks is not cheap and if there are regulations that they can not meet the insurance would be null a void if something should happen.

  6. Sad how it seems like other town, city and hamlet can make fireworks work for them….”where there’s a will, there’s a way” is apparently not a motto adopted by towns admin 😢

  7. While reading these comments I came across a post saying the new leisure centre is not in morinville but Sturgeon County? Does that mean we pay taxes to Sturgeon County for this property?😨

  8. Kevin Ma from the Gazette here. When I checked into this a few weeks ago, one of the reasons for not shooting fireworks off at the new leisure centre site was that it’s not ready yet and shooting fireworks might harm the grass/crop cover they just planted.

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