Town updating Land Use Bylaw

by Colin Smith

Town Council has given first reading of changes to Morinville’s land use bylaw.

If passed, the two motions introduced at Council’s June 25 regular will see the bylaw altered to allow for more public consultation on development of direct control (DC) zoned areas, along with changes to hot tub and sign regulations.

Land Use Bylaw Amendment Bylaw 3/2019 creates an enhanced engagement process for any new development on DC-1 and DC-2 zoned land under Council authority, including a possible communications plan with all landowners within 75 metres (246.1 feet) of the property, as well as a standard “public hearing style” process when council is making the decision, including advertising and public input. A council meeting to decide on a development application would be treated as a non-statutory public hearing at the discretion of council, including the opportunity for public input and notification advertising.

The amendment stems from a motion made last November by Councillor Stephen Dafoe that Administration looks into having an enhanced public engagement process when Council is required to be the development authority in a direct control district.

Council subsequently passed a motion directing Administration to bring forward Land use bylaw amendments to enhance public notification requirements, including increased notification requirements and a non-statutory public hearing.

Permitting on on-site third-party signage is one of the main changes in Land Use Bylaw Amendment Bylaw 4/2019.

This is intended for corridor commercial areas such as Shell/McDonalds, where the primary intention of the third party signage is business identification and customer direction.

The bylaw would also see the removal of superfluous regulation of swimming pools and hot tubs, to harmonize with the Alberta Building Code and Alberta Safety Code Act. Digital or electronic means would be allowed for the transmission of information concerning land use where appropriate.

A public hearing on the Land Use Bylaw Amendment bylaws is scheduled to be held during the July 9 Council meeting.

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