Lions receive 2nd Largest pull can tab donation

by Lucie Roy

The Lions Club of Morinville received their second largest aluminum pull tab donation.
Eileen and Frank Vollmer submitted the photo with Eileen and Lions Club of Morinville member Francis Fryters and the 45-gallon drum filled with tabs.

Eileen said they have been collecting for a few years and already have another drum that is half full.

Using the salvaged metal for fundraising is not new.

It is a free piece of aluminum and one of the easiest ways to support the residents in need.
The Lions Club of Morinville has had a Pull Tab Collection Program for decades.

The tabs are forwarded to a Lions’ recycling depot for sorting and then sold in bulk.

The funds received are placed in a wheelchair account to be used to purchase a manual or powered wheelchair for an individual in need.

The wheelchair is provided on a permanent loan. They sign an agreement with the Lions Club who retain ownership.

Once the individual no longer requires the wheelchair, it is returned to the Club and made available for others in need.

People can drop off the recycled pop can tabs to Technical Automotive or bring them to a Lions Meeting or contact the Lions Club.

This project is something that is ongoing and is such a simplistic thing to do and are easy to collect in a bag or small container at home, in a lunchroom or cafeteria.
Pull tabs, from any aluminum can, not jut beverage cans can be removed and the tab removal does not affect the value of refundable tin containers.

Life is hectic and there are a lot of people who wish they had more time to volunteer or give back to their community in some way.

By doing this, they can help sick kids get a wheelchair.

The first largest 45-gallon drum donation to the Lions Club of Morinville was in 2014 from Zane Dorosh and his friends who helped him collect them.

The Lions also collect any pair of old glasses as well as any pair of usable sunglasses.
There are donation boxes in retail outlets and at Capital Vision Care.

Can tabs, glasses and sunglasses, these are some of the items the Lions Club collects and in turn use it to help so many others.

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