Museum commencing historical video project with Morinville News

Ninety-six-year-old Morinville resident Dan Cournoyer talks about life in Morinville over the past century. – Morinville News Photo

by Morinville News Staff

The Morinville Historical and Cultural Society is undertaking a new project this summer to preserve an oral history of what Morinville and area were like many years ago.

Those oral histories will be recorded over the summer by Morinville News who kicked off the project Monday, sitting down with three residents to talk about a wide variety of topics.

“The Morinville Historical and Cultural Society / Musée Morinville Museum are interested in a collection of information having historical value,” said Morinville Historical and Cultural Society President Paulette Houle. “Oral history gives a wealth of knowledge regarding individuals, families, communities and important events. The information gathered can be shared and preserved in the museum archives.”

Monday’s shoot was the first of a series that will be filmed this summer both in and out of Morinville capturing recollections of residents whose ancestors settled in Morinville in the 1800s and those who came after Morinville became a town.

The initial full day of shooting saw three Morinville residents: Dan Cournoyer, Ross Quinn, and Ann Kryskow sit before the camera to talk about their childhood and schooling, family history and traditions, and personal reflections on their lives and careers.

The day’s shoot also tackled historical events, as well as a look at many other corners of growing up and living in Morinville, including local politics, festivals and social activities.

“Today’s shoot was particularly insightful in not only learning about Morinville’s history but also in learning about our interview subjects and their family’s role in the community,” said Morinville News owner Stephen Dafoe. “I’m looking forward to continuing the interviews over the summer.”

Filming of the project will conclude by the end of summer with the videos produced by the end of 2019.

Once completed, they will be archived and used for educational purposes at the museum.

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  1. Finally we are recording and preserving the many stories of Albertans!

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