Museum offering whimsical clay display

Museum Operator Donna Garret sets up a new exhibit, Life on Earthenware, on loan until mid-August by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. – Stephen Dafoe Photos

by Stephen Dafoe

The Musée Morinville Museum has a new exhibition running until the middle of August that offers a humorous look at animal life. Titled Life on Earthenware, Medicine Hat artist Annette ten Cate has provided 17 sculptures that show animals participating in human activities.

Pieces include a mountain goat standing atop a rock climbing wall, birds travelling south for the winter with luggage, and gophers getting vegan groceries with a shopping cart.

Anthropomorphism occurs when human traits are applied to animals and inanimate objects, a practice common in children’s books and Disney films.

“It’s very whimsical and fun, so I think it will be very enjoyable for families and everyone,” said Museum Operator Donna Garret.

The exhibit is on loan from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. Travelling exhibits provide the museum with an opportunity to expand what they show while allowing visitors to see exhibits they might not otherwise get to see.

The Musée Morinville Museum is open Wednesday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. It is located in the former Convent building at the back of St. Jean Baptiste Park.

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