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Senior and Junior Summer Camps join forces

Seniors and youth united Wednesday at the cultural centre to make and then enjoy some apple pies. – Lucie Roy Photos

by Lucie Roy

On Wednesday those enrolled in the Senior Summer Camp were treated to a presentation from Chantal Godberson, who is a member of the Alberta Trappers Association.

She covered trading beads, skulls, traps, and furs representing the four families of animals that trappers catch, the Rodent, Cat, Dog and Weasel.

The pelts she had on display was the Beaver, the Coyote, the Lynx and the Mink.

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The youth then gathered with seniors from Aspen to learn how to make apple pie.

Seniors also met with members of the Junior Summer Camp in meeting Room 1 & 2 of the MCCC to make apple pies.

They then gathered in the afternoon to enjoy apple pie and ice cream.

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Chantal Godberson gave a demonstration on trapping.

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