Morinville home to multiple Pikachu sightings

Nineteen-year-old Morinville resident Jessica Bozak takes a stroll up 100 Street Thursday in her Pikachu costume. – Stephen Dafoe photos

by Stephen Dafoe

Pedestrians and drivers may have momentarily thought they were playing the Pokemon Go augmented reality game Thursday as they drove up 100 Street. There, waddling quickly past several businesses was Pikachu travelling up the street.

But the giant yellow Pokemon was not some summer sizzler business promotion. It was the work of 19-year-old Morinville resident Jessica Bozak, out for her second walkabout to make people smile.

“It makes me feel good,” she said. “It makes me happy that I can bring joy just by wearing a big yellow costume.”

Bozak said she got her Pikachu costume and a T-rex costume for 90% off through the Wish app and couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

“I just decided why not? I have the money. I have the time. It makes people happy. So why not,” she said.

Bozak has had the costumes for six months, but only decided to go for a walk in it a month or so ago. Initially, she just walked around her block. The response was so positive, she decided to branch out and started August off with a walk up 100 Street as well as a visit to the splash park Thursday night.

“I walked all the way uptown – on the other side of town – and people were honking and waving,” she said. “Little kids were coming up hugging me. I had one guy ask me if I’d go on a date. He said, ‘Pikachu, will you go on a date with me?'”

Bozak, who works at Amanda’s Pizza in Morinville, said she likes Pokemon, although she was not allowed to watch the show as a child.

“I just saw it, and it was a really good deal,” she said of the two-costume purchase. “It was 90 per cent off, so why not.”

Bozak said she is planning to go out after the holiday weekend in the T-Rex costume.

“Don’t be scared to stop me,” she says of the upcoming costume walk. “Don’t be scared to honk, say hi. If you want a hug, I hug. If you want pictures, just honk. Yell at me because half the time I can’t hear.”

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