Letter: BodyShop to close in September

To the Community and Members of the BodyShop Fitness Facility;

It is with a heavy heart that we are writing this as an official notice that the BodyShop Fitness Facility will be closing our doors effective September 30, 2019. This has been a very difficult decision as we so value our members’ support and patronage throughout the years.
When we decided to start this journey and open our business 15 years ago in 2004, it was purely out of consideration of our community. I didn’t want to see the residents of Morinville and the surrounding area, without a place to get healthy both physically and mentally. When we heard of the local gym was suddenly closing, we started the business plan in motion.

History has dictated that the life span of many small fitness facilities is not very long. Sometimes big franchises come in and the smaller gyms can’t compete, or other times the clientele just isn’t there. We, at The BodyShop, want to thank ALL the residents of Morinville and area who have supported our facility over the last 15 years. We could not have sustained our business if it was not for your support. As our reputation is important to us, we feel that those members who have memberships that extend past the September 30th date will be accommodated in early October.

We also want to thank the many employees who have worked in our facility (some for over 14 years) as it is because of their hard work and tireless effort, that we’ve maintained the standards that we set when we first opened. We’ve been told our first class service and renowned cleanliness of the gym has set us apart from other facilities that our members have been apart of. I still firmly believe that a community needs a friendly, clean and receptive facility for people to work out, and we are fortunate to have the new Morinville Leisure Centre to accommodate those needs.

Personally, I want to thank my business partners, Gib and Lil Boddez, for the incredible amount of time, support and hard work they have put in to keep our gym running smoothly and efficiently. Dad works very hard at maintaining our systems and equipment to alleviate or shorten, any downtime we may encounter when the equipment breaks down. I know this was very appreciated by not only myself and the staff, but the hundreds of members who frequented our establishment day after day, year after year.

Finally, thank you to all employees and members for having made this 15-year journey a very memorable one, not only for us but for the citizens of Morinville.


Brad Boddez
Owner- The BodyShop Fitness Facility

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    • I hope all you dedicated regular members find a new fitness centre that works for your needs. I will personally will miss you all I loved seeing you all.

  1. So sad to see another business in town close.
    Town of 10,000ish and no gym. 😢 (please do not call the Rec Center a gym-that’s insulting…it’s a tiny room that holds up to 5 people with no room to stretch…that place was the result of a sad after thought)

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