Namao show draws a crowd

Bernice Montpetit looking over some of the many entries in the Flower Class. – Lucie Roy Photos

by Lucie Roy

The Namao Flower & Bench Show had more than 215 entries this year, slightly lower than average due to the weather not being there for the optimum growth of the gardens, fruit trees and flowers.

The judging took place Saturday at the Namao Community Hall with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and Best of Show selected for the categories in the Flower Class, Baking, Preserves, Craft and Junior Class.

People’s Choice. Tie for Photography-Theresa Stratton and Liberty Chisholm. Most Unique Flower Class showcasing Coral- Eleanor Stefner. – Lucie Roy Photo

This year the People’s Choice award had a prize for the Most Unique Flower Class showcasing Coral, the Pantone colour of the year and the winner was Eleanor Stefner.

The People’s Choice for the prize in Photography for Single Flower Close-Up was a tie with two winners-Theresa Stratton and Liberty Chisholm.

Entries were received from across Sturgeon County, St. Albert, Edmonton and representation from Morinville with all winning entries from the Bolen Family.

Junior Class- 13-15 years.-Doveina Bolen- 1st place with her painted item entry and 1st place drawing. Conan Bolen 1st place with wood creation and Best of Show.

Junior Class

In the Junior Class, the Best of Show in the 10-12 years and first prize with her wood creation was Cora Stratton.

In the Junior 13-15 years, Conan Bolen won 1st place with his wood creation and Best of Show and Doveina Bolen received 1st place with her painted item and 1st place with her drawing entry.

Elaine Sloan- Best of Show- Craft, 1st place for the knitted sweater. Qty 31 entries. Knitting 72 years.

Adult Entries-Craft Classes

There were at least 20 Craft Classes with Elaine Sloan the recipient of the Best of Show in Crafts.

Sloan had 31 entries and won first in numerous classes, including Novelty Item, Hydrangea, Large Marigold and first prize with her knitted sweater.

Sloan said she has been knitting for 72 years.

Dolly Bolen received ribbons in all her entries with first place in the Handmade Card entry.

Best in Show- Baking- to Stacy Bergheim.1st prize for her Saskatoon pie. Qty 18 entries and had, numerous other 1st prize winning entries.

Adult Entries- Baking Class

The Best of Show in Baking was awarded to Stacy Bergheim.

She received 1st place for her Saskatoon pie and also ribbons in some of her other 18 entries.
Bergheim said her crop of saskatoon was good this year.

Best of Show -Preserves awarded to Serena Klassen. 1st prize for her jelly.

Preserve Class

The Best of Show in Preserves was awarded to Serena KIassen. She also received 1st place with her jelly.

Fresh Flower Class

The Best of Show and Ross McLay Memorial Award-Best of Show Flower Category was awarded to Leona Sims.

Last year’s winner of the Best of Show was Lucy Krisco.

This year she received 1st in the Banquet Table Arrangement.

Krisco said she even wore a matching blouse for the day to coordinate with the flower arrangement.

She also had 24 entries in other categories with some 1st place winners.

Betty-Lou Kindleman with 1st place entry in Foliage House Plant. .Qty 15 entries this year. Since 1960s has entered and also ran the show for few years. Started with kids in 4-H.

Betty-Lou Kindleman had only 15 entries this year.

Kindleman said she has been entering since 1960s.

It started with her kids in 4-H then she ran the show for a few years and still submits entries every year.

She had numerous 1st place entries including the Foliage House Plant.

The Namao Flower and Bench Show is to promote agriculture,stimulate a knowledge and love of gardening and making preserves and crafts.

It also provides a venue for exhibiting and to encourage community fellowship.

Elizabeth Makohonyk at the People’s Choice placing her vote.

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