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Letter: Resident concerned with youth trespassing

This [letter] should be of some concern to the parents of the young children and teens in and around Notre Dame Elementary & Four Winds Junior High (under construction).

The RCMP don’t seem to take the issues of the youth very important when it comes to trespassing on the Notre Dame Elementary School roof, as [a] number of youth have been seen atop of this elementary roof drinking alcohol and or trying damaging/vandalize components on the roof of this school.

Last night, while walking my dog I saw a couple [of] heads moving about on top of the Four Winds Junior High School. When I followed the paved walkway, I noticed two young girls leaning over the edge of the roof.

I yelled at them to get off the roof and then called the RCMP.

The structure has easy access … not to mention the other hazards they may come in contact [with].

The RCMP officer last night [Sunday] did a search of the premises at Four Winds Elementary, and he showed up fairly quickly to my surprise.

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He too, was able to acquire the contractor’s contact information, and hopefully, he called to discuss the concern of the trespassing and unlawful entry.

Please talk to your kids about these things. They are not invincible!

Daryl Daniels
Concerned Resident

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