People: Gardener’s tomato weighs in at nearly three pounds

by Lucie Roy

It’s not uncommon to see customers walk out of Morinville Sobeys with a tomato or two, but on Wednesday morning a customer walked in. Celina Kieser went to see Zen at Sobeys to have some of her homegrown tomatoes weighed.

One tomato weighed in at 1.275 kg (2.811 lbs) and a smaller one came in at 0.635 kg (1.4 lbs).

Kieser is an avid gardener who takes much pride and care of her plants.

Kieser said she had the opportunity to obtain tomato seeds from Joe Zukowski, a Morinville resident known for his Oxheart tomatoes, most of which weighing in at over a pound or two.

The Aspen Tomato King Joe Zukowski (above) was featured in a Morinville News article last summer about avid gardeners at Aspen House.

The Oxheart tomatoes are very meaty with very little seed. One tomato only had one seed.

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