#BringBackTheBees initiative produces some giant results in Morinville garden

Morinville resident Sherry Tanton poses with her giant sunflowers. – submitted photos

by Morinville News Staff

Giant sunflowers tower over the fence in Morinville resident Sherry Tanton’s yard.

The massive plants began after Tanton planted a package of seeds she was sent through Honey Nut Cheerios’ #BringBackTheBees initiative.

“They reached 14 feet tall [with] sunflowers bigger than a dinner plate,” Tanton told Morinville News.

In 2018 Cheerios planted 1.7 billion seeds of pollinator plants. They plan to host about 3,300 acres of nectar- and pollen-rich wildflowers by 2021. The pollen provides nutrients bees and other pollinators need to survive.

For more information on the program, visit https://www.cheerios.com/bring-back-the-bees/.

See below for more photos of Tanton’s sunflowers.

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