RCMP urging caution on busy roads after 8-year-old girl hit in Morinville

by Morinville News Staff

Morinville RCMP is urging motorists and pedestrians to use caution after a young girl was struck on her way to school Monday morning.

Police were called to a collision involving a motorist and an 8-year-old young girl at approximately 8:20 a.m. Monday in the downtown core near 100 Street and 101 Avenue.

“One youth was transported to a local hospital in stable condition,” said Corporal Jeff Sutherland,” adding in a phone interview Monday afternoon that the girl would be in the hospital for a while but would recover fine.

With the new school season in full swing, Sutherland is calling on everyone to be careful.

“We all take extra care and precaution while on busy roads,” Sutherland said of both motorists and pedestrians.

Morinville RCMP along with the RCMP Collision Analyst are currently investigating the matter.

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  1. Something needs to be done! I live right by the other crosswalk and I’ve almost been hit and I’ve been passed while driving in the 30 zone.

  2. Last Friday at approx. 3 PM I was coming into Morinville on 642 from the east and what did I see? The peace officer sitting at the sewage plant with a radar gun! As I went through town, there were dozens of kids walking and crossing at intersections as school had just let out. Apparently the priority for the town is getting the speeding ticket money rather than protecting our kids! Have to pay for the new rink somehow!! One morning last week, around 8 AM, I also observed a school bus stopped to pick up kids on 100 Ave at Scotiabank. Red lights flashing and NOT ONE CAR STOPPED! Where are the peace officers in this town???? Oh, right, speeding tickets at the exits to town!!

  3. Maybe the town should take the funds they waste on photo radar at the pump house each morning and sitting by unsused parks in the middle of winter and put the money to better use. Such as the flashing lights previously mentioned. The way they are using photo radar is strictly harassment. The light at Sobeys is far to short. It does not give a person time to get thru. There will be problems there if not corrected. There also should be lights at Mcdonalds.

  4. Agreed with all comments! It is safer to jaywalk than it is to cross at our only street lights. I’ve had left hand turners almost run me over, then…give me the finger when I had the right of way. Some seriously bad drivers in this town 🙁

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