Alberta RCMP focus on pedestrian safety in October

by Morinville News Staff

Alberta RCMP and their partners are promoting safety to both motorists and pedestrians this month. Each month the province focuses on a different aspect of road safety.

“Failure to drive smart can cause collisions which may result in injuries and fatalities,” said Superintendent Rick Gardner of the Alberta Sheriffs. “We all have to share the road and make sure we get to our destination safely – it’s best for drivers to be aware of and adjust their driving within pedestrian and wildlife areas.”

Alberta RCMP Superintendent Gary Graham said there were one death and 17 injuries last October as a result of pedestrian-vehicle collisions in Alberta.

“We remind drivers and pedestrians alike to follow traffic rules and signals at all times to decrease your chance of a serious injury or fatal collision,” he said.

Alberta RCMP encourages road users to practice the following traffic safety tips:

· Can pedestrians see you? Working headlights are required of all drivers to notify you of pedestrians, cyclists and wildlife ahead of time.

· Can you see the pedestrians? Keeping your dashboard free of distractions means that your eyes are always on the road.

· Follow the signs. Be aware of the speed limit.

· Always be alert. Impairment by alcohol or drugs is against the law. Fatigue can also worsen your driving conditions. Rest to be at your best.


· Can drivers see you? Wearing dark clothes at night can make you invisible to drivers.

· Can you see the drivers? Keeping your head down or texting makes you less aware of road conditions around you.

· Dancing on the side of the street? We’re sure your music is great, but loud music can distract you.

You can follow RCMP traffic safety tips on Facebook @RCMPinAlberta and Twitter @RCMPAlberta.

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