Morinville RCMP charge driver with failing to yield to pedestrian in early morning collision

by Morinville News Staff

On October 16 at approximately 7:50 a.m. police responded to a vehicle/pedestrian collision in the crosswalk at 100 Avenue, across from the Morinville Community High School.

The youth received serious but non-life threatening injuries and was transported to the local hospital via ground ambulance.

One male was charged with failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

Morinville RCMP would like to remind everyone that school is in session and both drivers and pedestrians need to exercise caution on the roadways.

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  1. I strongly think the town should put out flashers here and in a few other important areas. I’ve had a few days where I’m coming home from work and it’s super dark and people just walk out assuming I can see them. I’m sure I’m not the only out there who’s had that happen

    • Holly Noel right? I’ve been in Morinville for 7 years and they finally just painted lines on the main road lol. Before you could never tell what lane you’re in 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • Dan Koren I think about that all the time also. Not even just school zones but down the main road there are so many crosswalks and when the suns bright it is very difficult to get a good look for pedestrians at each one. As convenient as it is for people on foot to not have to go far to be at a crosswalk, I would prefer maybe just taking a couple out and upgrading the more key locations with flashers.

  2. I drove past that incident this morning. I can attest to the fact that when you are heading east in the morning on that road, it is extremely hard to see sometimes, even with sunglasses on.

    • Kristena Bee then people should slow down.
      And while I understand that the main road past is a provincial highway, and that it’s much easier said than done, I think it would be nice to get a slower speed limit through there during peak/school hours, at least a small zone on either side.

    • Kristena Bee I agree with the visibility issue. Most places have street lights directly above crosswalks so at night people are easier to notice before they’re already halfway through the intersection. Flashers would be a great thing to help focus drivers on the crosswalk and that someone is going to or already using it. Slowing down works to an extent. You’d need to be doing 20 through some of those spots to see a pedestrian and then you have the people behind you getting impatient and more likely to try and pass you and even more likely to be the ones running someone down

  3. We really need to remind pedestrians that they cant just walk out into a cross can’t always make a stop that quickly..I have seen several close calls on that road and 100 Street…

  4. From another page someone who witnessed this this morning she said he walked out in front of the driver without waiting or him to stop, she said he tried to stop but couldn’t. The same with the first incident she was pushed off the sidewalk and fell and the lady didn’t see her so why are these people getting tickets when it’s pedestrian error

  5. The main road where this accident occurred is property of Alberta transportation. This is why Morinville’s hands are tied so to speak. Morinville is not allowed to do anything regarding roadwork, flashing lights or traffic lights anywhere along the main road without the Alberta transportations approval and then it will be up to Alberta transportation to do any and or all work. I have tried to gain attention to the 4way stop by circle K to have traffic lights installed however Alberta transportation needs to come in a do a survey to see if it is deemed necessary. Something needs to change with this current arrangement, as we all know how well the road repair went last year when they filled all the holes with gravel. I contacted the individual in charge of this decision with no luck or reaching said individual and they never returned my calls.

  6. I did witness the accident while coming into school today I couldn’t fully tell what had happened but no matter who was at fault someone got hurt and I feel like the town should put more flashers at the cross walk like they have at the one down the road to where the accident happened

  7. And if people actually drove the speed limit(not 10 over or more), stopped for the pedestrians to get across the road (not just the lane), and expected children to be unpredictable and do stuff like step off curbs without looking it might not happen.

    I don’t blame the kids, they are kids…drivers should always be at fault in a pedestrian to vehicle accident. The vehicle will kill a person. Most people won’t write off the car.

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