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Town creates policy on Administration pay

by Colin Smith

A newly developed Administration Compensation Policy for Morinville is intended to help the Town recruit and retain a skilled workforce in the face of competition for talent from other regional municipalities.

The draft policy was submitted by the Administration to Town Council at its October 15 Committee Of The Whole meeting.

It comes out of the 2019 Administration and Council Compensation Review, part of the regular biannual compensation review schedule.

According to a submission by Human Resources Manager Trish Pretzlaw, the development of the policy was based on external market surveys.

Members of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board were identified as competitors with Morinville for attracting and retaining staff in the region.

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The approach of the draft Administration Compensation is to target the market by offering compensation at the median, with half of the comparable municipalities paying above and half paying below.

“This approach supports in mitigating risks that Morinville faces in recruitment and retention of a skilled workforce that is critical in achieving effective organizational performance, enhancement of service levels and service delivery, and overall achievement of Council and community goals as Morinville continues to grow and thrive in the region as a progressive municipality,” the submission states.

The draft policy will now go to a future Council for further discussion and decision.

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