Cultural Centre gets 6-Minute Warning

by Stephen Dafoe

The 2019-20 LIVE at the CCC series continues Nov. 2 with 6 Minute Warning, an acapella group that will hit the stage with their melodies, harmonies and vocal dynamics.

The six-member Edmonton-based group has broad backgrounds in rock, pop, jazz, classical, and choral music. The show ranges from the rock and pop music to nuanced jazz pieces.

“For our Morinville show, the audience can expect a great mix of acapella songs from the pop and R’n’B genres. But more importantly, they can expect to have a good time listening to six great singers who like to share a laugh on stage,” said group member Bernard Quilala.

“I think that people respond to acapella music because of the harmonies that can reverberate straight to the core of the listener. I also think that making six voices sound like a full instrumental band is something that people find inherently intriguing and impressive when done right. Singing well isn’t always easy as an individual, and it’s that much more difficult when you have to rely on five other voices to support you. It’s different from choir singing in that there are less voices to hide behind. Six voices singing all different parts really spotlights the technical proficiency needed to make these arrangements work.”

Events and Cultural Coordinator Ryan Telfer agrees.

“Choral, vocal and acapella music is some of the most interesting and pure music out there,” Telfer said. “It is really quite remarkable what can be accomplished with only the human voice. 6 Minute Warning are experts in their craft, and their dynamic range and variety of sounds they will produce during a performance is incredible. There is nothing more direct than the human voice, and this performance will highlight that feeling.”

Tickets for the dinner and show are $55 ($45 for seniors). Dinner takes place at 6:30 p.m. with the show starting at 8 p.m. Tickets are available at and the MCCC Box office.

Quilala and 6 Minute Warning are hoping to see a full house.

“I would encourage anyone who’s on the fence about coming to the show to dive right in. It’s not like anything you’ve ever seen or heard, and it’s family-friendly,” he said. “You’ll go on an emotional rollercoaster journey with us, and if you know anyone who has any interest in music, this is the show to bring them to.”

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