Local schools honour Remembrance Day

Ecole Notre Dame Elementary School held its Remembrance Day Ceremony on Thursday with Mary Richard as emcee for the event.

The Colour Guard Procession included Father Trini, Legion members, Greff family, military personnel, RCMP, Fire Fighters, students in uniform (Beavers and Guides), The Fabris family to bring up the yellow wreath and the Schaub family to bring up the poppy wreath, Noreen Radford School Trustee and Councillor Lawrence Giffin.

“We are very honoured and pleased to have you here. As we gather today, let us remember and celebrate the heroism, courage and sacrifice made by many people to protect our way of life,” Richard said. “Today, let us realize how lucky we are to live in a country like Canada. A country where we have freedom and the right to speak, the right to go to school, the right to got to church, the right to vote and the right to play.”

Georges H. Primeau Middle School held its Remembrance Day Celebration on Friday.
Principal Ms. Charlene Kushniruk extended a warm welcome to all the students, parents and staff of the school and thank you to Noreen Radford, School Trustee, Councillor Rebecca Balanko and Walter Boldt for joining them.

In her presentation, Kushniruk said, “On the 11th of November, Canadians across the country take time to honour those men and women killed while serving Canada, and those who continue to serve today. Today we pray for all who are the victims of aggression throughout the World, and we pray especially for all who are involved in conflict, past, and present.”

Ceremonies were also held at Morinville Public School, Four Winds, and MCHS. Morinville Christian School will hold a ceremony this week.

This year’s Remembrance Day service will be held at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre, followed by a parade and additional wreath-laying at the Legion.

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